What Do You Need to Plan a Great Golf Tournament? 

There are many reasons why someone might plan a golf tournament. This type of event is a great way to raise money for a charity, business, new development, and more. Golf is known as the sport of the corporate world, which also makes it an excellent choice for any business or organization planning a way to host corporate clients. 

Between the first planning meeting to actually hitting the green, many steps go into the production of a golfing outing. The case might even be that whoever is planning the event isn’t a golfer themselves but they support and endorse the charity or cause for the event. As you plan your event, you’ll likely be looking for custom printed hoodies in your city to dress your team and crew for the event. 

You can also consider other custom clothing options for the staff, volunteers, and as gifts for donors if your tournament is a fundraiser. Planning a golf tournament can be overwhelming, especially during the beginning phases where you’re making a lot of the decisions. In this article we’ll outline some of the important things you need to do when planning a golf tournament. 

Sponsorship Help

Charity golf events earn the biggest amount of revenue through endorsements along with entrance and sign-up fees. The goal is to earn as much as you can through sponsorships and get extra support from the other fees. 

One typical sponsorship model is called “hole patronage.” It’s where a company pays a certain amount in order to advertise per hole. It’s also common for sponsors to contribute to the tournament as a whole and earn their promotional spot near the reception area, on signage, on messaging, and on the gear for the event. 

Show Your Thanks

With your sponsors locked down, you can start to include their names on the custom clothing for the event. You could create a two-sided custom t shirt design where the front contains the name of the tournament and the back showcases the logos of all the sponsors. 

Your sponsors might contribute to the event in different ways, so it’s up to you to decide how you want to acknowledge varying contributions. Some might give cash donations, some might offer products or services that you can use as prizes for the winners. 

A good plan of action for securing sponsors is to target companies and demographics that align with the purpose of your tournament. If it’s for charity, then it would make sense to find sponsors that also care about the cause. Once the event is planned out, invite representatives from your sponsors to the tournament and allow them to play and enjoy the day as an act of gratitude. 

Tournament Takeaways

Don’t let people leave your event empty-handed. This is where customized clothing from R&P Prints can come in. When you use the best t shirt printing Toronto has to offer, you can create fun and memorable clothing for your guests to take home. The garments will serve as a nice memento of the day and promote your business, too. Happy golfing!

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