Great Apps to Manage a Healthy Lifestyle

In this busy life, we all miss maintaining a healthy life. But some apps are there that help you to do so. So let’s take a look at the best apps to schedule your life more healthily on your device within a few clicks.

  • MyFitnessPal

My Fitness Pal is helpful to maintain the healthy lifestyle with friends to follow, food journals, and blog articles to read. Here you can find various information related to your food and exercise. You can use the recipe importer, a barcode scanner or a database to find out more than 5,000,000 foods, and exercise to reach your personal goals depend on your diet profile. MyFitnessPal connects with approx. 50 apps and devices include Fitbit, MapMyFitness, Runkeeper and many more.  This app is ideal for you if you want to live a healthy life, lose weight, or find out the nutritional value of the foods that you eat daily.

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Price: free

  • Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club app lets you build a fitness profile and add friends, giving you the motivation and confidence to achieve the fitness goals. With 185+ free workouts, one can choose any of it as it designed by Nike Master Trainers. You can work out anywhere and find the result with this app.  If you register on this app and set the goals, you will receive a four-week fitness program depend on it.

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Price: free

  • Fooducate

Fooducate is a unique app that gives the grades your food on a scale of A to D. one can scan and search the food depend on the grade and find why it provides a specific grade. Now set calorie intake on a daily basis with this app and find which foods have hidden unhealthy ingredients. This app analyzes the nutritional information from the list of ingredient and panels of product nutrition. So it is useful for those who want to lose the weight and live a healthy lifestyle.

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Price: free

  • Lumosity

Lumosity is a free brain training program app that keeps your mind active, and in this way, it alerts users to live a healthy lifestyle. This app is used by more than 90 million people worldwide, and it may not provide anything related to nutrition or fitness. This app is designed by neuroscientists that increase focus and ultimately train your brain to improve memory and more attention. You can challenge yourself with different games and puzzles. You have to spare only 15 minutes per day. The puzzle is fun, challenging but easy to understand at the same time. You can find the improvement by checking and comparing scores.

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Price: free and paid

  • Map My Run

With Map My Run, you can find more than 600 different workouts, calculate your distance, speed, route and calorie burn. You can sync this app with other apps as well like Apple Health Kit, My Fitness Pal, and few more. You can share your progress daily with on the social media platform. In short, this application is best to enjoy running and tracking progress together.

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Price: free 

5 Automotive Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business

There are many vehicles registered daily including passenger cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, and other vehicles. So when it comes to marketing ideas for your automotive business, we have few ideas and tips for you to imply.

Web Presence

In the era of technology and online stuff, it must be necessary to show your significant web presence to improve your business. Studies show that up to 97% of people look first on the internet to buy or customize or fix any vehicle. So try to show your strong web presence with website, social media, blogs, posts, business pages, and email marketing. Do not forget to use the proper keywords and phrases that customer search for, for example, “auto repairs near me” or “auto repairs near me open Sunday” etc.

Network establishment

Try to build relationships with others person in the same industry. If you are selling car parts, then try to make contact with other retailers and wholesalers or other repairs or the service providers. It may help you to find out some parts that you needed in an emergency, but you don’t have. Even referrals or mouth publicity from these contacts also boost your business. So it is unquestionably a good idea to build as many connections as you can even with your competitors to grow up in the industry and with industry.

Motivate Referrals

Everyone loves discounts or free things or gift, even if it is a small one. If your service is poor, then no one recommends you, but sometimes it happens that the best service provider also does not get recognition even if it deserves. For that, you can motivate your customers by providing gifts, or discount coupons by inviting and liking the page or signing up for a newsletter or feeling a survey, etc. Remember, most people are suspicious while dealing with a new person in automotive businesses, so a recommendation from the known person is a powerful tool for your business growth.

Be Accessible

When it comes to finalized deal related to customization, automotive sales, and repair work, people look for online and do the sufficient research and make a decision before come to you. So try to help them in doing so by providing detail information related to your services and products. You can post all of the stuff on your website blog, your Facebook page, or Instagram profiles. Provide a section for questions and answers so that customer asks their doubts. Do not forget to share your contact details and address. Respond quickly and politely to any inquiries. It may also help you to track each customer’s email id and contact number to follow up in future.

Approved by Insurance Companies

I know it seems tiresome, but can’t you do this much for your business? Go and become approved by auto insurance companies. It may help that customer who looks for repairs after accidents. And your customer will become happy to get post-accident auto repairs or non-accident related repairs.

Mountain Biking Around the World – Best Bike Tours

I think bike trips in the mountains is one of the dream of life for many people. It is thrilling, exciting and changing. So if you are one of them who want to do the same adventure here is the few places to mountain bike around the world. Let’s take a look at it.


Tirol is one of the proper mountain trails with difficulties and variety of conditions to start your biking. It is a good place for seasoned bikers as well as beginners. One can ride over 1000 KM in less than $100. The trails are broken up into smaller segments, so you have more trail to ride. It has 75.8 KMs route with 3700 verticle meters which is one of the toughest roads. Ischgl in the Paznaun Valley is heaven for mountain bikers. This valley has more than forty different routes, from easy to difficult one. A beginner mountain biker converts his/her hobby into the next level at this perfect place.


Rodalben is a small town, surrounded with single track bike trails. It is perfect for those who look for small but more intimate trail experience. Rodalben’s trail is round up of 40 kilometers and for Germany, it is one of the most suggested routes to ride. This trail goes through the forest. One can’t be lost on the trails as they are marked well. Another advantage is, the paths divide into several areas, and one of it takes you in the town so that you can take a rest in case if you need it.


If the expansive biking stops you, then there is no best place than New Zealand. It provides bikers for a dramatic change of scenery. New Zeland is famous for its beautiful landscapes, and the trails of Rotorua give several year-round entertainments for anyone with a bit of riding skill and love to see one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Rotorua is one of the oldest biking networks in New Zealand and is located in Whakarewarewa Forest. It has volcanic soils, sketchy riding surfaces, and varying topography. The trail network provides all levels of tracking challenge.


For those who want to single craving track, Rossland is a most popular place for its changing biking trails. Rossland is sat in the alpine territory with 30 kilometers of the trail to navigate. It was constructed in 2004 and then open to the public between July and the first snows of October. It is reserved for experienced mountain bikers only as it is remote without any cell phone coverage and lacking water. So bikers have to keep food, water and other necessary things with them. It is recognized as one of the most challenging trails in the worlds by the biking enthusiasts as it is long, technical and requires more physical effort. The area alternates between long ranges of steep ground that need to be climbed followed by adrenaline rushing and short descents.