Top 5 Luxury Lifestyle Apps

Have you ever think that apps can make you feel rich? If no then you have to think in this direction. Some apps give you a luxurious life. My friends if you are looking for such apps, then you are at right place as here you will find five best apps that make you rich by using it.

Quintessentially Lifestyle

Quintessentially Lifestyle is an award-winning luxury lifestyle concierge service that provides you with extensive expertise from their Lifestyle Assistants on the famous nightclubs, most beautiful bars, hotels, and spas the region has to offer. Even if you want to purchase luxury gifts, then this app lets you deliver top-end boutiques to flower at the doorstep. If you need gift inspiration, then they will also provide you with additional assistance. Now do not worry about last minute restaurant reservation, as this app helps you in this too.


How do you feel when Chauffeur or other person takes you around the Dubai with the personal car? Careem offers the best service with top-end chauffeur with a click. Mining of ‘Careem’ means gracious in the Arabic word. You can pick a Lexus or Audi, and you can pay with a credit card. The customer can use the GPS services and receive receipts online. With the 95% of the high level of customer satisfaction and a 99% on-time rate, this app is must in your list while you are in Dubai.

Wine Spectator

Confused while placing an order the right wine at a restaurant? Wine Spectator is one of the apps in your list, whether you are a novice or an expert. Highlighting over 300,000 reviews and every month about 1,000 reviews added, this app gives you many types of wine. The vintage collection charts have 55 world’s principal grape varieties and wine regions. It also gives you an idea about the right time to drink a particular wine.


If you need your private charter anywhere in the world, then JetSmarter gives you the charter with the largest individual jet marketplace in the world. With this app, you can also plan your route to go. This service is available in selected cities to access the best-chartered flight deals. As per the company, you can save more than 70% of money compared to the other chartered jet. Isn’t it a pretty good reason to download the app?


For sailing enthusiasts, this app is best for you. Y.Co provides you information of a variety of luxury yachts for sale or charter worldwide. With a vast selection ranging from 24 meters to over 134 meters, this app is unbeatable for yacht lovers.

It is all about the five best luxury lifestyle apps. Many other apps give you luxurious life on daily lifestyle as well as during travel. Hope you like it. What do you think? Share your thoughts with us. We also love to hear from our visitors as well. Thank you for reading!

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