Healthiest Vegetables to Improve Your Health

Vegetables are one of the things that need for your good health. They are high in vitamins, minerals, and fibers with low calories. So let’s take a look at the list of vegetables that will help you to fight your disease, reduce the risk and improve your health.


Spinach is one of the healthiest vegetables with leafy green tops and full of nutrients. 30 grams spinach has 56% of vitamin A that you need on a daily basis. It also has sufficient vitamin K to fulfill your daily needs. And everything you get with just seven calories. It reduces the risk of chronic disease with a lot of antioxidants. Spinach has a high amount of beta-carotene and lutein, which decreases the risk of cancer. Regular spinach consumption lowers the blood pressure and ultimately beneficial for heart health.


Carrots filled with vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C, and potassium. 128 grams of carrots only provide the daily need of vitamin A. An antioxidant named as beta-carotene gives it red-orange color and prevent cancer. According to the study if one eats carrot only once a week, then it may reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 5%. Eating carrot can reduce the risk of lung cancer.


Broccoli is a member of cabbage family with the large flowering head. 91 grams of raw broccoli provides a sufficient amount of vitamin K, vitamin C, manganese, folate, and potassium. It has glucosinolate and sulforaphane, which are rich in sulfur. The sulforaphane works against cancer and reduces the number and size of breast cancer cells. Broccoli consumption may reduce the chronic disease, also as it is loaded with nutrients.


Garlic is used as a medicinal plant from ancient times. Allicin, an active compound of garlic is mainly responsible for the various health benefits. It regulates blood sugar and improves heart health. As per the study on the animal, garlic can decrease total blood cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides, increasing HDL cholesterol. It also helps to prevent cancer.

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts are a member Gemmifera Group of cabbages and contain the same compounds like broccoli. Also, it contains kaempferol, an antioxidant that prevents cell damage. Kaempferol protected against free radicals and prevented damage of cells and chronic disease. It also enhances detoxification. Why it is so because eating Brussels sprouts increase specific enzymes by 15-20% and control detoxification. It leads to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. It is rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, including vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C, manganese, folate, and potassium.


Kale is a green leafy vegetable with a high amount of nutrient and antioxidant. 67 grams of raw kale contains vitamin B, calcium, potassium, and copper. This much is enough to fulfill your daily requirement of all of the above vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, C, and K. It promotes heart health with plenty amount of antioxidants. Kale reduces blood pressure, blood cholesterol and blood sugar as well.

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