5 Excellent Libraries Around the World

Whether you are using recent technology to study or the old methods, libraries remain on the top to study. There are many libraries around the world, and today we will take a tour of the world’s best libraries and what makes it different from the rest. So let’s start.

Admont Abbey Library, Austria

This library situated on the Enns River in southeast Austria. It was constructed in the year 1776. Joseph Hueber developed it as breathtaking beauty. The library crowned with seven doms with shining in gold and white colors. With 4 Museums, 26 Parishes, 200000 Volumes and 1400 Manuscripts (up from 8th Century), it is the largest library of this type in the world.

Library of Congress, USA

The Library of Congress is the national library of the U.S. and the country’s oldest federal cultural institution as well. It consists of only three buildings, but it makes its place in worlds one of the largest libraries. It is open for public, tourist, research but a specified person can look for the books only. It has more than 32 million books, a rough draft of the Declaration of Independence, more than 61 million manuscripts, over one million newspapers from the last three centuries, one of the four perfect vellum copies in the world of the Gutenberg Bible, over five million maps, more than 14 million photos and prints and six million pieces of sheet music.

Bodleian Library, United Kingdom

The Bodleian library established in 1602 and today it is one of the oldest libraries in Europe. It has more than 11 million items, which includes many of historical importance: a Gutenberg Bible, four copies of the Magna Carta, and Shakespeare’s First Folio (from 1623), and many more. One of the most interesting things is Radcliffe Camera, built in 1737-1749 to house the Radcliffe Science Library. The Bodleian library also comes in many movies including The Saint, Young Sherlock Holmes, The Golden Compass and The Red Violin.

Stuttgart City Library, Germany

Stuttgart City Library is an impressive library. It was first opened in 2011 for the public. It makes up with pristine, gleaming surfaces and staircases. One can miss the gliding pilers and intricate ceiling frescos. But it is filled with light and space. The design of the library influence from the Pantheon in Rome. The multi floors, meeting areas and white color interior set with the grid effect created by the many apertures in the cubic exterior.

Vatican Library, Vatican

Being one of the best libraries in the world under the proper authority of the Catholic Church in Rome, it is must visit the library. It established in 1475 as the Catholic Church. At present they collect historical acquisitions, gracious gifts, and generous bequests. At present, the Vatican Library holds 75,000 manuscripts, more than 1.1 million books, and over 8,500 incunabula. If we said appropriately, then this library owns many significant works from ancient times and the oldest complete manuscript of the Bible.